Camping with a One Year Old. We Did It!

We camped with our one year old! OK, he is actually 18 months but we finally did it and I’m so glad we did. He absolutely loved it! I have to admit it wasn’t easy but surprisingly enough it wasn’t the parts that I thought would be difficult that were. Getting the tent up and cooking dinner ended up being a one man job completed by Daddy because I ended up running round after the Little Man. He is a busy boy and was not content sat watching or helping us set up camp for very long so one of us was assigned to baby duties while the other worked. The same for packing away.

The part I was really worried about was sleeping but Little Man ran around so much he absolutely tired himself out. By 8pm he was fast asleep and he didn’t wake once during the night. It was lovely. We all ended up sleeping in the same compartment with Little Man in between me and Daddy so apart from elbows and feet beating me up and reminding me of when I was pregnant I had a pretty good nights sleep. Daddy unfortunately got a bit wet! He was squashed up against the outside of the tent so when the rain came down we weren’t completely water tight. Woops! Next time we either need a bigger tent or one of us will have to sleep solo! Another thing I was really worried about was keeping Little Man warm at night but that turned out not to be a problem either. It was lovely and toastie, especially with the three of us all tucked up together. So my biggest worry, sleeping, turned out not to be a problem at all!

In fact we had such a great time I can’t wait to go again! We only went for one night this time and we were enough lucky to have found the perfect family campsite less than 2 hours from us. It was the perfect introduction to family camping and has absolutely proved to us that it isn’t as scary as we first thought. So my tips for next time? Go with another family. I think Little Man would have enjoyed having a friend to keep him company, even though he made friends with just about everybody else at the campsite, but mostly I think it would make it easier sharing childcare, setting up camp and cooking dinner between a few more adults. We also need a better tent next time, one with enough space for us to all sleep together or one that makes it easier to leave little man in a compartment on his own. On my wish list is a Bell Tent, they look fabulous and you can make them really cosy inside. I’ll have to start saving though because they work out quite expensive although they are totally worth the investment.

So there you go. There is no stopping us now and if we can do it anyone can so if you are feeling a little bit nervous about camping with your little one just give it a go, what’s the worst that can happen?

Thank you to everyone who commented on my previous posts. You all gave me the confidence to give it a go, I might have chickened out till next year otherwise.

Camping with a One Year Old. Should I or Shouldn’t I?

Camping with a One Year Old. We’re Doing It!

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6 thoughts on “Camping with a One Year Old. We Did It!

  1. Charlotte

    Ohhh I love camping with the littlies…. have you been to Just so Festival?! I think your little man would LOVE it ;).

    Oh and bell tents are definitely the way to go! We need to put our 4m on ebay in the spring and get a 5m ready for next summer! x

    1. MudpieMama Post author

      I haven’t but I’ve just looked it up and it looks amazing!! I’ll keep my eyes peeled for when next years tickets go on sale.

      Bell tents do look amazing. I think we have a bit more saving to do before we get one though :-)

      Thanks for stopping by to comment xx


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