Handprint Sunflowers

We were late planting our sunflowers this year. We had a good collection of seeds but Little Man felt it was more appropriate to throw them about on the lawn rather than plant them up in pots so in the end only 4 or 5 got sown and then planted out. As a result, even though the weather is miserable and it already feels like winter, we have lovely, smiley cheery sunflowers in our garden. I’m hoping to collect the seeds in a few weeks time so that I can plant up a sunflower house next spring. That’s if Little Man feels like it of course, he might just choose to throw them out for the birds again.

So in the spirit of the sunflowers, and without having to cut them and stick them in a vase, I thought it might be time to cheer up our kitchen with some sunny artwork. We haven’t done many crafts at home yet, partly because Little Man doesn’t seem to have the inclination and partly because we are mostly outside getting mucky. Monday morning ended up presenting the perfect opportunity to give it a go. We must have had ants in our pants that morning because we were out the door for our walk before 9 am and by 10 am Little Man was getting tired and asking to be carried so we headed home for our snack. Seeing as we had been out early I thought this was a great time to have a go at a craft  and inspired by the sunflowers I thought we’d try handprint sunflowers.

So here is how we did it:

Kit – Scissors, Yellow, Green and Brown Paper, Pens and Sticky Tape or Glue

Draw round your little ones hand, or get them to do it if they are old enough. Little Man loved this part; he thought it was great holding his hand while I drew round it. He then went on to colour in his hands and his foreams! Bless him, he looked like he was covered in tattoos by the time he finished.

Cut the hands out. If your little one is big enough let them have a go, this would be a great activity for practicing scissor skills.

Cut out a brown circle for the centre of the circle and then a green stem and some leaves.

Use black pen to put spots on the brown circle.

Place glue on the base of each hand and stick all the hands together in a circle shape to make the flower. You can then stick the brown circle in the middle and then the stem and the leaves onto the back of the flower. Hey presto! You have a handprint sunflower.

Our sunflower petals were decorated with black pen which Little Man had taken great delight in doing and although he isn’t yet ready for scissors he still enjoyed the process of creating. He even said ‘flower’ for the first time.

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