Let’s get Digging!

My son’s current obsession is tractors and diggers or ‘digars’ as he calls them. It’s funny, because ever since he was tiny he had a thing for anything that went round and round or spun in a circle. Wheels, the washing machine or spinning tops, he was fascinated by them all. This soon progressed into a love of cars and engines, he would and still does lie himself on the floor while he pushes toy cars along to watch the wheels go round and he often plays with Daddy’s plastic engine just to watch the flywheel spin. He will even beg to push the trolley in the supermarket just to watch the wheels spin. Alongside this he has always been very keen to work out how things work, he will test items to the limit to see if they bounce, stretch or twist often to their breaking point.

This summer has been a world of amazement and excitement for him in his little bubble of rolling wheels and the farty engine noises he makes as he pushes his toy diggers along. We live in a rural area which means tractors are often working the fields surrounding our house and lucky for Little Man his Daddy is also obsessed with anything with wheels and an engine. Hours have been spent this summer just watching the tractors work, exploring them when they are sat static in the field and then playing with his own tractors and diggers, emulating the big ones he’s been watching. I don’t think this obsession of his will ever disappear and although I’m sure Daddy has a part to play in it part of me can’t help but think he was born to love it. It’s in his make-up just like it’s in his Daddy’s.

Does your little one have an passion you think will be with them for life or do they have lots of little whims that pass them by?

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6 thoughts on “Let’s get Digging!

  1. PODcast (@The_Doves)

    What a wonderful post, love your sons obsession with tractors and diggers. Its just great going on this voyage of discovery and he must get so excited seeing the tractors in the fields. POD loves lots of things but climbing is a biggie, she’s incredibly strong as a result. Maybe she should do gymnastics or something! Thank you so much for sharing this lovely post with #whatsthestory

  2. Emma Smith (@MyLittle3andMe)

    You’ve got quite the engineer there haven’t you? I love how passionate children can become about things. My youngest has always explored pattern and structure using anything. He’ll build various towers/buildings/patterns/obstacle courses with pencils, buttons, dominoes, cards, books… anything that happens to be there. I wonder if he’ll end up going into architecture or something similar when he’s grown up.

  3. Jude

    Great post. Sounds like my son, except his obsession is tractors and mud. The mud obsession is a keeper, me thinks. Something tells me we’ll be main wearing wipe clean fabrics for a few years at least.


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