Outdoor Play Party – Little Man turns Two

Mud Mud Marvellous Mud - Outdoor Play Party

Last week was Little Man’s 2nd birthday. Two already! It always surprises me how quickly time passes. It manages to creep up on me and then go Boo! Another year gone by…

February isn’t exactly the best month to have a birthday if you are keen to have an outdoor party, although as part of my old job I have delivered some fabulous outdoor parties during the winter months so it can be done.  Many of Little Man’s friends have new baby brothers or sisters and with no guarantee of snow, rain or sunshine I do have to admit that his birthday party was an indoor affair. We did, however, spend his actual birthday morning at a local farm and the three of us had a splendid time. We fed the chickens, watched a cow get milked, said hello to the sheep and played on all their lovely wooden diggers and tractors. Happy Birthday Little Man!!!

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Have any of you had a winter outdoor birthday celebration? What are your top tips?

It is Outdoor Play Party time again and my absolute favourite post from the last Outdoor Play Party was from Winegums and Watermelons. I loved how her family turned a flooded park into a play adventure, the boys look like they took full advantage of the water and it certainly made me wanna get out and get wading.

How have you been playing outdoors this wet and windy fortnight? Have you been taking advantage of the puddles?

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6 thoughts on “Outdoor Play Party – Little Man turns Two

  1. winegumsx

    Thank you so much Leila! Lovely pictures – Joshua turned 3 this week and we were going to take him to the farm too, but I’ve been working like crazy the last few days :( hopefully next week! x

  2. Linda

    Both my daughters have birthdays in February and yes, it’s a little tricky when you’re an outdoorsy person! I always try to have at least one component that is outside, so that the kids can get out and run off some energy after the cake. Last year we had a scavenger hunt. I always make sure to tell the parents to bring outdoor clothes, so they know what to expect:o)

    1. MudpieMama Post author

      That sounds like a great idea. Like you say not all of it has to be outdoors so just doing one activity outdoors in the cold weather is a great idea. Thanks for stopping by :-)

  3. Salma

    Firstly, happy b-day to your little man.

    I don’t have any Winter babies, but I used to plan themed parties. One fun thing is an outdoor scavenger hunt- you can take the party outside for 15-20 minutes (if it’s really cold) then do do the cake etc inside. Or you could do a snowball toss (knock over cans or something more interesting). I guess it all depends if you have snow or rain. As he gets older, I’m sure he’ll have some great ideas.

    I’m a fall baby and I remember going skating one year…outside rinks are fabulous. Love your photos.

    We’ve been playing outside all week…

    1. MudpieMama Post author

      I love the snowball idea. This year was his first year where it hasn’t snowed so I am sure there will be loads of opportunities for this in the future. I love the skating idea too!!
      Looking forward to reading your outdoor play post :-)


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